Welcome to the new official website of the Group the Musical Disability Theatre Academy

The Group The Musical is a disability theatre academy and community project based in Shrewsbury (UK). It is producing The Group, a musical written by Dan T. Woodvine. Dan is a passionate musician and songwriter, and feels strongly for writing music to promote positive images of disability and mental health. The Group tells the story of the formation of a support group for people with Autism in Shropshire and raises awareness about Autism.  The Group The Musical aims to include people to learn and raise awareness through expressive arts and working together.


The theatre academy was founded by Heidi Brown, Dan Woodvine, Chloe Parry and Natalie Weller, all of whom have background in performing, expressive arts and working with people with Autism The objective was to create a theatre that inspires confidence in performing, allows people to work together to learn new skills. We also have welcomed other people from the local community who would, otherwise, be unable to participate in a theatre society or production.   


We have started rehearsals but can still consider new people to be in the Group. We will need people to act, sing, dance and be in the ensemble! If you are in Shrewsbury (UK) and think this could be for you please contact us  (Email: contact@thegroupthemusical.org.uk). In line with our ethos we would like to be as inclusive and accessible as possible.